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The QAIV (Qt Advanced Item Views) library provides GUI and utility classes extending the capabilities of the Qt item views.
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QUniqueValuesProxyModel Class Reference

The QUniqueValuesProxyModel provides a filter model remove duplicate values from a source model. More...

#include <quniquevaluesproxymodel.h>

Inheritance diagram for QUniqueValuesProxyModel:


void progressChanged (int progress)

Public Member Functions

 QUniqueValuesProxyModel (QObject *parent=0)
 ~QUniqueValuesProxyModel ()
QVariant data (const QModelIndex &index, int role) const
bool emptyItemsAllowed () const
bool filterAcceptsRow (int source_row, const QModelIndex &source_parent) const
virtual bool insertRows (int row, int count, const QModelIndex &parent=QModelIndex())
int modelColumn () const
void setEmptyItemsAllowed (bool on)
void setModelColumn (int colum)
void setSourceModel (QAbstractItemModel *sourceModel)


bool emptyItemsAllowed
int modelColumn

Detailed Description

The QUniqueValuesProxyModel provides a filter model remove duplicate values from a source model.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QUniqueValuesProxyModel::QUniqueValuesProxyModel ( QObject *  parent = 0)

Contructs a unqiue values model with the given parent.

QUniqueValuesProxyModel::~QUniqueValuesProxyModel ( )

Destroys the unique values model.

Member Function Documentation

QVariant QUniqueValuesProxyModel::data ( const QModelIndex &  index,
int  role 
) const


bool QUniqueValuesProxyModel::filterAcceptsRow ( int  source_row,
const QModelIndex &  source_parent 
) const

Returns true if the item in the row indicated by the given source_row and source_parent contains a unique value in the model; otherwise returns false.

By default, the Qt::DisplayRole is used to determine if the row should be accepted or not.
int QUniqueValuesProxyModel::modelColumn ( ) const

Returns model column used to determine unique value.

See also
void QUniqueValuesProxyModel::setModelColumn ( int  colum)

Sets model column used to determine unique value to column.

See also
void QUniqueValuesProxyModel::setSourceModel ( QAbstractItemModel *  sourceModel)


Property Documentation

int QUniqueValuesProxyModel::modelColumn

This property holds the column in the model that is use for filtering.

See also
int modelColumn() const
void setModelColumn(int)

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