QAdvanced Item View  0.4
The QAIV (Qt Advanced Item Views) library provides GUI and utility classes extending the capabilities of the Qt item views.
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CQAbstractFilterBase class for filter definitions used with a QAdvancedTableView
 CQAbstractFilterModelAbstract interface for filter model classes
 CQAbstractFilterProxyModelThe QAbstractFilterProxyModel provides an abstract base class for filter models
 CQAbstractItemModelDecorationThe QDecoration class is a base class for item model decorations
 CQAdvancedHeaderViewHeader view to manage to appearance of the related view
 CQAdvancedTableViewAdvanced model/view implementation of a table view
 CQAutoFilterQAutoFilter implements a filter based on the values found in the column specified
 CQCheckStateProxyModelAdds check boxes to a model
 CQClickableLabelText or image display and responses to mouse button clicks
 CQConditionalDecorationThe QConditionalDecoration provides a conditional decorarion for model items
 CQConditionalDecorationDialogDialog that allow users to modify conditional decorations
 CQConditionalDecorationProxyModelImplements a proxy model for conditional decorations
 CQFilterEditorPopupWidgetBase class for filter editor popup widgets
 CQFilterEditorWidgetThe class QFilterEditorBase provides the base class for implenting a filter editor
 CQFilterGroupGroups filter definitions
 CQFilterModelDefault implementation of a filter model
 CQFilterModelProxyThe QFilterModelProxy provides for filtering or highlighting data passed between a model and a view
 CQFilterViewWidget that is used to view and edit filter definitions
 CQFilterViewConnectorConnects a QFilterView with a QTableView or QTreeView
 CQFilterViewItemDelegateDisplay and editing facilities for filter from a filter model
 CQFixedRowsDecorationProxyModelImplements a decoration proxy model
 CQFixedRowsFilterProxyModelImplements a proxy model supporting fixed (pinned) rows
 CQFixedRowsTableViewThe class QFixedRowsTableView implements a table view with fixed (pinned) rows
 CQGroupingProxyModelImplements a grouping proxy model
 CQHeaderViewConnectorConnector to align QHeaderViews
 CQRangeFilterImplements a range filter
 CQRegExpFilterImplements a regular expression filter
 CQSelectionListFilterImplements the filter with a fixed selection list
 CQSharedItemSelectionModelImplements a selection model which can be shared by other selection models
 CQSingleColumnProxyModelProxy model which represent a single column of the source model
 CQSpecialFilterThe QTextFilter class implements a conditonal filter
 CQTableModelExportPushButtonCommand button for exporting table model data
 CQTableModelWriterFormat-independent interface for writing the content of table views to files or other devices
 CQTextFilterImplements a filter on the textual (string) representation of a value
 CQUniqueValuesProxyModelThe QUniqueValuesProxyModel provides a filter model remove duplicate values from a source model
 CQValueFilterImplements a value type aware filter